HMT Arfon Dive Trail

The HMT Arfon is an exceptionally well preserved armed trawler dating from the First World War. Thanks to the Maritime Archaeology Trust, with support of Historic England, you can now explore the surviving features of the wreck, via a virtual dive trail and find out how the wreck has become a home for marine life. Discover more here... Read more

HMS Falmouth Dive Trail

To mark the centenary of her loss Historic England commissioned new research into the wreck of HMS Falmouth including the creation of a 3D digital model. The research, carried out by Fjordr Ltd, tells more about the history and significance of the light cruiser. Take a virtual dive on HMS Falmouth and discover more here... Read more

A1 Submarine Dive Trail

In 2013 the Nautical Archaeology Society with funding from English Heritage (now Historic England) established a diver visitor trail on the protected wreck of the HMS m/A1 submarine that sunk in in the eastern Solent in 1911. Discover more here... Read more

Normans Bay Wreck Dive Trail

In 2017 the NAS, with funding support from Historic England, developed a virtual diver trail for the Norman's Bay Wreck to increase the public access to the wreck site. The NAS dive the Norman's Bay Wreck every year as part of our Protected Wreck Days programme of events. Discover more here... Read more

Holland No.5 Submarine Dive Trail

With grant support from Historic England the NAS has created a virtual diver trail on the protected wreck of the Holland No.5 Submarine. The resulting photogrammetry survey was used to create the immersive experience with supporting information. Discover more here... Read more

Thorness Bay Dive Trail

The Thorness Bay dive trail was created by MSDS Marine and Pascoe Archaeology with funding from Historic England. The NAS has arranged access to the site in July 2019. Discover more here... Read more

Duart Point Wreck Dive Trail

The Duart wreck is a Historic Marine Protected Area under the Marine (Scotland) Act of 2010, and diving visits can be made at any time without a licence, provided nothing is disturbed or removed. Discover more here... Read more

The London Dive Trail

This virtual dive trail was commissioned by Historic England and created by Cotswold Archaeology in collaboration with ArtasMedia, CyanSub and MSDS Marine. Discover more about The London dive trail here.. Read more

Rooswijk Dive Trail

Historic England commissioned this virtual dive trail which was created by MSDS Marine in collaboration with the Rooswijk1740 project partners. Discover more about the Rooswijk virtual dive trail here... Read more

Coronation Dive Trail

The Coronation Diver Trail was established by members of the Coronation Wreck Project team with funding from Historic England and the Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust. Discover more here.. Read more

U8 Submarine Dive Trail

In 2017 Historic England commissioned MSDS Marine to created a virtual trail of the U8 Submarine to anyone to explore this unique submarine which was one of the Imperial German Navy's first U-boats. Discover more here... Read more

Invincible Dive Trail

The virtual dive trail of HMS Invincible was created by Pascoe Archaeology in collaboration with ArtasMedia and CyanSub with funding from Historic England. Discover more here... Read more