2023 September 27

Divers still hope for remnants of the Spanish fleet from the Battle of the Zuiderzee in 1573
Divers are currently searching for remains of that battle. Unfortunately, after a week and a half of searching,nothing from that time has been found.

Solving the mystery of the San Pedro Alcántara shipwreck
Nine archaeologists are analysing the remains of a ship that they believe could be El Fernando which sank in 1760.

2023 September 25

New study refutes origin claim involving Bronze Age tin ingots recovered from shipwreck
"Even 40 years after the Uluburun discovery, the tin puzzle remains, although we are getting closer to solving it by applying new methods," says Ernst Pernicka, senior professor at the University of Tübingen.

Race is on to find Great Lakes shipwrecks before quagga mussels destroy sites
An invasive mussel is destroying shipwrecks deep in the depths of the lakes, forcing archeologists and amateur historians into a race against time to find as many sites as they can.

2023 September 22

Barracuda Live: The Big Rebuild Opens for Viewing
Bringing back the Barracuda, the Fleet Air Arm Museum rebuilds a missing link in UK aviation history. Read about it on the museum's website here

2023 September 20

Operation Dynamo: Search for ships lost in WW2 Dunkirk rescue
More than 305 vessels were sunk during Operation Dynamo - in which 338,226 surrounded troops were evacuated from Dunkirk between 27 May and 4 June 1940. The project will search for 31 wrecks believed to be in French waters. Read the Historic England project page here

2023 September 19

New discoveries off Egyptian coast reveal ‘treasures and secrets’
An underwater archaeological team has made further discoveries at the site of a temple to god Amun in the ancient port city of Thonis-Heracleion in the Bay of Aboukir.

2023 September 18

Dive In - to the Needles Voyager
An innovative way to digitally explore the fascinating world of shipwrecks and maritime sites off the Isle of Wight

Divers return iconic ship's bell to Dundalk
A team of divers from the Isle of Man has visited the town of Dundalk, Ireland to return the bell of the SS Dundalk back.

First detailed survey of shipwrecks from Battle of Midway
Three shipwrecks were recently surveyed by a crew aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, according to the Ocean Exploration Trust, a nonprofit group dedicated to seafloor exploration. Watch the video on YouTube.

Unknown shipwreck found in Thames Estuary
NAS Member and Fellow, Steve Ellis said he came across the remains during a dive off Southend Pier last week, when the water was particularly clear.


2023 September 10

North Wales and Optima shipwrecks found at Haisborough Sands.
Paul Hennessey, of Norfolk Wreck Research, and members of the Anglian Divers have recently uncovered the hidden shipwrecks of two 19th Century sailing vessels.

Sligo gets set to remember the 1,100 lives lost in Spanish Armada shipwrecks of 1588.
A series of events are planned over four days in North Sligo to commemorate the spanish armada shipwreck of 1588.

Egyptian Shipwreck Proves Ancient Greek Historian Herodotus Right.
The shipwreck, discovered in the Nile River near the ancient, and now sunken, city of Thonis-Heracleion was of a ship called a “baris.”


2023 September 4

Secret's Out - former NDAC now underwater campus
Find out how underwater habitation is going to be tested in this former quarry

2023 September 3

Anniversary of the launch of HMS Bounty celebrated through video created by the Maritime Archaeology Trust
Launched on 3 September 1784, watch this video to learn about the vessel's significance

2023 September 2

Intact shipwreck found in Wisconsin waters
The 1881 schooner was in remarkable condition

2023 September 1

3D map reveals undiscovered wreck
Archaeologists working in the Swan River in Western Australia have made a remarkable discovery

2023 August 28

New technology used to protect old wreck
Hear about a new way to protect a significant wreck in Australian waters

2023 August 24

Remarkable shipwreck buried again
Due to a lack of a suitable museum, this amazing shipwreck was moved and reburied after recording.


2023 August 31

U.S. Seeks to Block Recovery of Titanic Artifacts
Washington has gone to court to become a party to the salvage case involving the famous liner so it can stop any expedition it deems objectionable.

2023 August 29

Divers identify wreck of ship sunk in 1918 off Orkney
A team of divers has finally identified the wreck of a ship which sank off Orkney in 1918 with the loss of 13 lives.

2023 August 27

Grieving Wordsworth found solace in poignant shipwreck treasure after brother’s death
When the Romantic poet’s younger brother John died at sea, marine artefacts helped him bear the loss.


2023 August 22

Destroyer wreck-dive restrictions lifted.
The HMAS Hobart is regarded as one of South Australia’s – if not Australia’s – premier dive-sites.

HMS Hoste and HMS Negro found by Lost in Waters Deep 2023 Expedition.
Find out more about the Lost in Waters Deep project - Remembering the First World War ​Naval losses off Northern Scotland, ​The Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland.

2023 August 21

Wreck of US aircraft carrier sunk by Japanese kamikaze attack in WW2 found by divers.
A team of Australian divers made the once-in-a-lifetime discovery during a expedition off the coast of the Philippines.

2023 August 18

Archaeologists raise engine from the US’s first all-Black air fighter squadron plane
Wreckage from Tuskegee Airman's Plane That Crashed During WWII Training Recovered from Lake Huron.


BSAC iSCUBA September issue is full of NAS shipwreck articles
A paddle into the past - about our Lundy Protected Wreck diving on p22
The Cannon Run - about Klein Hollandia wreck on pp41-43
Shipwrecks - the neglected habitat - is also well worth a read p48

2023 August 16

Investigating the Dungeness shipwreck - Discovery of the wreck
In spring 2022, staff at Cemex’s quarry on the Dungeness headland in Kent, came across a wooden shipwreck while excavating in the quarry lake for aggregate. Read Wessex Archaeology's blog on their investigation of the wreckage.

2023 August 15

Exploring South Australia's oldest shipwreck
The Australian National Maritime Museum and non-profit Silentworld Foundation have continued their ongoing archaeological investigation of the wreck of South Australian, with recent research from a combined team of experts published in the journal Historical Archaeology.

2023 August 12

Long-Lost Roman Bridge Re-Discovered In Chepstow River Wye Mud
The Chepstow Archaeological Society team, with help from the Severn Area Rescue Association, carried out an excavation of the western bank of the Wye and found a wooden structure that could date back as far as the Roman occupation.

2023 August 11

Safe Past - The last chapter of the Lancaster ED603 and her 7 brave crew members
The preparations for the recovery work of the plane are in full swing on the bottom of the IJsselmeer. The salvage work will start on September 4th. The website is in both English and Dutch.


2023 August 9

Hulk of 19th Century Iron Steamship by Designer of the Cutty Sark Granted Protection
The partially dismantled ship lies in the intertidal zone of the River Deben in Woodbridge, East Suffolk. Protection by scheduling will ensure that the hulk of the ship will be protected by law.

Wreck of Europe’s first commercial steamship given protection
The wreck of Europe’s first commercial steamship, said to be of “international significance”, has been designated as a scheduled monument by Historic Environment Scotland.

More exciting news about the world's first deepwater underwater archaeological park
Find out about the amazing virtual experience at this park off Xlendi.

2023 August 8

Couple tries to save 109-year-old Dunkirk rescue vessel from ravages of time 
Built in 1914, Glala has survived world wars, explosions and collisions. It has seen numerous upgrades, name changes and a slew of prominent owners – and was even there during one of the Second World War’s most miraculous moments.

2023 August 6

The great explorer, Matthew Flinders' remains are on the move again.
The man credited with naming Australia will finally be returned to his home village in 2024.

2023 August 4

Ancient Roman boat found in Serbia.
Coal miners have found the remains of a Roman boat that likely supplied an ancient frontier city and military headquarters.

2023 August 2

Finding the Windrush Anchor
Shipwreck hunter David Mearns begins the search for this iconic artefact

2023 July 29
The Victorian Fort being reclaimed by nature
See if the island fort off the coast of Pembrokeshire can be turned into a community space.

2023 July 24

New Dover Museum exhibitions charts history of Channel Crossings
Read about our trustee's exhibition success here and here and here


2023 August 1

Divers have found seven shipwrecks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this summer.
A team of divers combing the watery depths off Quebec’s Îles-de-la-Madeleine this summer say they have discovered seven new shipwrecks that likely date to the 1800s.

The Swedish coastguards saving shipwrecks from looters.
Objects are vanishing from historic wrecks as sport divers and criminal gangs loot well-preserved sunken ships.

2023 July 31

Rare Glassware Recovered From a 2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck.
The ship, a Roman vessel called the Capo Corso 2 is located 1,148 feet below sea level between France's Capo Corso peninsula and Italy's Capraia island.

2023 July 30

Tall ships race leaves Shetland
A majestic site as tall ships sail across the North Sea to Norway

2023 July 28

2,000 year-old Roman wreck found off the coast of Italy
The exceptional discovery is an important example of the shipwreck of a Roman ship facing the perils of the sea in an attempt to reach the coast. 

2023 July 26

Researchers Return to Greece’s Antikythera Shipwreck
Finds include a sculpture fragment thought to belong to the beard of a Herakles sculpture discovered last season.

German WW1 U-boat found off the coast of Shetland
The SM UC-55 submarine was sunk about eight miles south-east of Lerwick by the Royal Navy in 1917.

2023 July 25

Modelling Maritime Archaeology
Read about RCAHMW's long-term project to enhance records of Wales’s maritime archaeology within the inter-tidal and coastal zone.

Archaeologists Explore Submerged Structures Off The Le Cesine Coastline
A new research project led by the University of Salento is conducting an underwater and surface study of the Le Cesine coastline to explore submerged structures

2023 July 21

Woman who died in deadly Vasa warship's wreck 400 years ago reconstructed in lifelike detail
At first, researchers thought a 17th-century shipwreck skeleton was male. But a new reconstruction reveals her as female, based on results from a genetic analysis.


2023 July 18

50 Years of Protecting Shipwrecks
July 2023 sees the 50th anniversary of the Protection of Wrecks Act. Historic England looks back at where it all started and how far we have come since then.

2023 July 17

French/Italian partnership for deep water archaeology
View amazing underwater footage of the Roman 'Glass Wreck' recently investigated by French and Italian archaeologists

2023 July 16

Divers find amphibious shipwreck 100m deep off Cornwall
A UK technical dive-team believes it has located the wreck of one of six LCTs (Landing Craft, Tanks), lost some 50 miles off north Cornwall in a forgotten World War Two tragedy.

2023 July 15

Marine excavations offer glimpse into ancient history preserved under the sea
While much of Israel's land has already been dug up and explored, archaeological discoveries underwater are just beginning to surface

2023 July 14

How 100m+ divers identified lost aircraft-carrier
Footage captured by a team of technical divers operating at depths below 100m in the Philippines has helped to identify a shipwreck site as that of WW2 aircraft-carrier USS Ommaney Bay.

2023 July 13

The Salvage of the Royal George at Spithead
The wreck was a hazard in the middle of a busy shipping lane. For 60 years, it was the scene of salvage and diving innovation, with diving bells, early diving helmets, explosions and even souvenirs.

2023 July 9

Mary Rose diver and archaeologist Christopher Dobbs retires
We would like to wish our Vice President a Happy Retirement !!
"I've been so privileged - can you imagine a better job if you are both an archaeologist and a diver than to work on a project like the Mary Rose and then share that with the wider world?"