HMT Arfon was a requisitioned Admiralty trawler that had a short but important career before being lost during the maritime conflict of the First World War on the 30th of April, 1917. For the next 100 years Arfon remained largely forgotten and untouched.

Following her rediscovery in 2014 by Martin and Bryan Jones, HMT Arfon was given special protection by the Department for Culture Media and Sport on the advice of Historic England and diving is now strictly controlled under license.

Now, this commemorative tour tells the story of this brave vessel and her crew and pays tribute to their sacrifice and the tragedy of all those who lose their lives and their loved ones in conflict.

The wreck you see before has been visualised using a technique known as photogrammetry, with divers from the Maritime Archaeology Trust having collected around 10,000 images of the wreck-site over the course of 2016 and early 2017, generally working in dark and challenging conditions.

You can explore the site using the hotspots or go back to learn more about Arfon's story.

Take the HMT Arfon tour here.