Anyone wishing to dive the protected wreck Iona II must have a licence which is free of charge.  There are two ways in which licences can be obtained for this wreck –

  1. The Lundy Warden, local charter boats and several local dive clubs have licences to dive the Iona II which will cover any divers visiting the wreck with these organisations. The names and contact details of divers must be given to the charter boat operator or dive club leader to be passed on to Historic England. 
  2. Any dive club vessel or private vessel planning on visiting the wreck will have to apply for a licence to dive the wreck at least 10 days prior to the planned dive. More information about the application process and the application form can be found here

A number of underwater guides are available on the Landmark Trust's website which can be printed off and laminated for use underwater.  There are also a number of information booklets available on the website.  

Further information about the site is available here.