We dive the Norman's Bay Wreck every year as part of our Protected Wreck Days programme of events. Check out the current dates here.  NAS members get discounts off trips so make sure login first to get your discount.

Additional trips can be arranged if you would like a private trip (for 10 people).        

If you are interested in diving the Norman's Bay Wreck Protected Wreck Diver Trail without the NAS please contact Mark Beattie-Edwards (the wrecks principal licensee) at the NAS Office.

Frequently asked questions about diving the wreck trail are at the bottom of the page. 

The Norman’s Bay Wreck Virtual Diver Trail

In 2017 - 2018 the NAS, with funding support from Historic England, developed a virtual diver trail for the Norman's Bay Wreck to increase the public access to the wreck site. Simply click on the image below to "dive" the wreck, without the need to get wet. Depending on your internet speed it may take a little while to load.


The virtual trail allows you to navigate your way around the site and to experience what 51 iron cannon on the seabed look like. You can click on the camera and video icons to see images and videos of the wreck.  Using the tabs on the left had side you can find more infomation about what we believe the wreck to be as well as additonal images such as the 2016 multibeam sonar survey and the current site plan for the wreck. As the site is still being surveyed this site plan changes every year.


The Norman’s Bay Wreck Diver Trail Project: 2010-11

The aim of the Historic England (formerly English Heritage) supported project was to develop and install a diver trail around the designated wreck site known as the Norman’s Bay wreck.  The dive trail was created in 2010 and launched in spring 2011.  An underwater information booklet to guide divers around the site was designed that aids navigation and assist visitors in recognising features on the wreck. This information booklet also explains the background of the exposed remains and the problems of identifying the wreck. 

The Diver Trail Project received financial support from Historic England (formerly English Heritage) under the Heritage Protection Commissions Programme.

To download diver trail guide here.


The Norman’s Bay Wreck Diver Trail FAQ’s

Q. Can I dive the site whenever I want to?
A. No. The wreck is protected under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 so you must be issued with a licence to visit the site or have your name added to an existing licence held by another party. No survey, recovery or excavation work may be undertaken without additional licences.

Q. What is the easiest way for me or my group to dive the wreck?
A. Mark Beattie-Edwards of the NAS has a licence to dive the site and you can have the names of your divers added to his licence. Contact Mark or call the NAS Office.

Q. Can I apply for my own licence to visit the wreck?
A. Yes. See the Historic England website for guidance on applying for your own licence to visit the wreck. If you are granted your own licence to visit the wreck, Historic England will automatically contact Mark Beattie-Edwards as the licensee to ensure that two groups are not diving the site at the same time.

Q. How do I book a date to dive the trail?
A. Please contact at Mark Beattie-Edwards with suggestions of a date or dates suitable to your group.

Q. What diving qualification do I need?
A. The wreck is 10m-15m of water so it is suitable for all qualified divers.

Q. Do I need an NAS qualification to dive the site?
A. No. In order to visit the wreck you do not need any archaeological qualification. If you would like to help survey the site with the NAS you would need the minimum of an NAS Underwater Surveyor qualification

Q. Where would we be diving from?
A. Eastbourne’s Sovereign Harbour run by Premier Marinas is only 3.5Nm away from the wreck. There are a number of charter boats that operate out of Sovereign Harbour. There is no RIB launching slipway the marina but they do offer a crane in and crane out service at the weekends. Contact the marina for information and rates.

Q. How can we find the wreck?
A. Use the GPS co-ordinates 500 48.1767” N, 000 24.6380” E (WGS84). There is no buoy on the wreck so you will have to drop your own shot weight.

Q. How do we obtain underwater trail guides?
A. Once you have a date booked to dive the site you will be contacted to arrange delivery and return of the guides for your diving group. These guides are available for a £5.00 deposit per guide which will be refunded when the guides are returned to the NAS. If you are diving with Dive125 they hold a supply of dive booklets.

Q. Can I add my photographs to the project archive?
A. Yes. Please either send photographs to the NAS office or please join the project Flickr group and add your photos with a description and a date the photograph was taken.

Q. Can I take video of the wreck?
A. Yes. Please feel free to take video of the wreck . To help us build a better understanding of the site please supply a copy of the video to the NAS. There are a number of short videos hosted on the NAS YouTube Channel.

Q. Can I record the marine life for Seasearch?
A. Yes. The site is a wonderful reef for marine life. Please feel free to complete a Seasearch Recorder or Surveyor Form and send to Seasearch. The NAS would appreciate a copy of the form so we can see how many people are recording the marine life and what they are finding on the wreck.

Q. Can we help survey the site?
A. Yes. If you have already undertaken NAS training and would like to help improve the survey of the wreck please contact Mark at the NAS office and a suitable task can be offered to you.

Q. Will I be required to report our dive details to anyone?
A. Yes. If you have your own visitors licence from Historic England you will be required to report your activities to them. If you dive the site on the NAS licence you will be asked to complete a short feedback form and asked to supply diving statistics to allow us to monitor the success of the trail.

Q. What if I still have questions?
A. Please contact Mark at the NAS office.