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Save The London

Help us to raise £200,000 to support the work of The London Shipwreck Trust to advance, promote and provide for the preservation of the amazing London shipwreck and its artefacts for public benefit and to protect it for future generations. Discover more here...



Target amount: £200,000.00

Amount raised: £1,947.10


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Without you — our supporters, members and sponsors — we would not be able to do our work, protecting our global nautical heritage. Join us if you too have a passion for our maritime past and want to get involved, on the foreshore or under water. You will learn that discovery really is just the beginning...



International Journal of Nautical Archaeology Webinar Series

The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology Webinar Series is a great way to hear from and ask questions of some of the world's leading authors in nautical archaeology. Discover more here.....


Author: Mark Beattie-Edwards

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Indulge your passion for nautical archaeology, and help us explore, preserve and record the world’s intertidal and underwater heritage for future generations. Discover more about us here...



Annual Conference

This year the Nautical Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society are excited to be co-hosting a two-day conference examining how ship and ordnance remains found on land and under the sea help our understanding of our maritime past. Find out more about this year’s event here.......



Mazotos Shipwreck 2019

This autumn we offered the chance on a dive amongst the ancient amphorae of the Mazotos wreck! Visitors divedthe wreck, met the team and learnt about the underwater archaeological excavation. Hosted by Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory - MARELab of the Archaeological Research Unit, University Of Cyprus. Thanks to Funding from the Honor Frost Foundation and support of Vasiliko Terminal Services.


Author: Mark Beattie-Edwards

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  • Finds' Conservation

    Hands-on experience conserving archaeological finds from the marine environment including artefacts recently raised from the Rooswijk and London wrecks. Read more

  • UK: A1 Submarine and Invincible Wreck Protected Wrecks Day

    A chance to dive with the NAS Diving Club (NASAC) on two of England's protected wrecks in one day. We visit the Invincible shipwreck (launched 1744, sank 1758) and the A1 submarine (launched 1902, sank 1914), both of which lie at a maximum depth of c.14m. Read more

  • UK: Photogrammetry of Archaeological Finds

    Learn how to record archaeological finds in three dimensions and create virtual models to share with others. Read more

  • UK: Underwater Skills Days

    Learn the essential practical skills that will allow you to develop your interest in underwater archaeology. Read more


  • Sandwich Flats Foreshore Fieldwork

    No matter whether wooden wrecks, rows of mysterious wooden stakes, metal planes or potential Roman wrecks are your thing, come and practice your archaeological skills on the beach at Sandwich Flats! Read more

  • Chesil Beach Protected Wrecks

    In 2019 the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) and the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT) will be running training activities and series of public events based around the Chesil Beach protected wrecks off the coast of Weymouth. Discover more here.... Read more

  • Surveying the Salcombe Cannons, by Mike Cross

    NAS Member Mike Cross reports on his recent experience of diving on the Salcombe Cannons as part of the Salcombe Cannon Protected Wreck Project. Did everything go to plan for the team? Find out here... Read more

  • Channelling my Inner Kubrick, by Grant Bettinson

    CITiZAN Community Archaeologist Grant Bettinson joined us alongside his team in July, for an adventure into the creative world of content creation for digital public engagement. Find out what he discovered here... Read more