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Our award-winning training programme allows people around the world of all interests and abilities to learn about and appreciate our maritime heritage. It is accredited and internationally recognised, and has been running for over 30 years. In 2011, we won the inaugural Archaeology Training Forum Award.


Author: Peta Knott

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Without you—supporters, members and sponsors — we would not be able to do our work, protecting our global nautical heritage. Join us if you too have a passion for our maritime past and want to get involved, on the foreshore or under water. You will learn that discovery really is just the beginning.....



International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology is the world’s leading academic journal in the field of maritime, nautical and underwater archaeology. Since its foundation in 1972, it has been a forum for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and research. It is published for the Society by Wiley. Discover more about our journal here...


Author: Mark Beattie-Edwards

Dive Trails

The NAS has helped establish diver trails around the UK to facilitate access to the country’s protected wrecks. Some include virtual dives that help non-divers experience the pleasure of exploring a historic wreck. Discover more here.....


Author: Mark Beattie-Edwards

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Indulge your passion for nautical archaeology. Your membership will also help us explore, preserve and record the world’s intertidal and underwater heritage for future generations. There are other benefits too.........



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With presentations from both professional and amateur archaeologists, the NAS Annual Conference is an opportunity for the NAS community to exchange news and ideas—about the latest research, member activities, and access to our shared heritage. It’s a chance to network with friends and colleagues from the UK and elsewhere. Find out more about this year’s event here.......



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  • An Archaeology Project of the 21st century

    An overview of the Newport Medieval Ship Project with insights on how this can be replicated for other archaeological projects. Read more

  • Newport Medieval Ship Conservation Facility Tour

    Guided tour of the Newport Ship Conservation Facility Read more

  • Transporter Bridge Tour

    Guided tour of the Transporter Bridge at Newport Read more


  • The S-to-Z of Ropes and Cordage

    Long-time NAS member Nick Reed has a new-found knowledge of post-medieval rope and cordage after attending a recent NAS course on the subject: He’s now part of the volunteer team that will help the Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust (MAST) and Bournemouth University with their post-excavation documentation of the miles of rope recently raised from HMS Invincible. Here, Nick shows us the ropes. Read more

  • Rescue excavations near Dreumel

    You don’t have to dive deep to encounter remarkable archaeology under water. Here NAS member Peter Seinen reports on the rescue of a 7m-long punt in the muddy depressions left by sand dredgers in the floodplain of the River Meuse. Read more

  • Intensive NAS course in Mexico City

    This summer saw NAS tutor Dr Jorge M. Herrera run a two-week NAS course at the National University (UNAM) in Mexico City. Among the participants was Rodrigo Vega, an archaeology student at the city’s Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (ENAH). Read more here Read more