Now, more than ever, there is a need to preserve nautical heritage in the UK due to reduced government funding and increased threats to our heritage from both natural and human actions.

NAS offers a clearly identifiable offset method through public outreach programmes which manage and conserve the UK’s maritime heritage. Not only does this demonstrate a corporate commitment to being a responsible citizen it also brings a range of benefits to individuals within the company.



How does the NAS Corporate Social Responsibility Programme work?

NAS can suggest a range of heritage conservation activities which can be tailored to the specific needs of a corporate partner. These activities can provide a direct benefit to the skills base of the corporate partner while also contributing towards the conservation of important nautical heritage assets. These activities include:

  • training in the legislative and regulatory requirements of protected heritage areas and assets
  • training in the use of archives and public resources to research heritage areas
  • training in relevant practical skills to assess and record heritage environments and assets
  • field work in recording and conserving shipwrecks and marine structures
  • publication of the results from both research and field activities
  • public outreach to disseminate these results


Corporate Partner Benefits

Corporate partners will also be demonstrating a clear public commitment to being socially responsible citizens through all of these activities.

There  are a range of immediate benefits to a corporate partner in this type of programme:

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Improved public image
  • Increased investor approval
  • Increased media coverage
  • Expenditure on CSR programmes are often tax deductible.


Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access

In addition to training and field work we can also offer more specialised and exclusive access to heritage organisations which are not available to the general public. Recent examples of these are:

  • Conservators’ tours of the Mary Rose storerooms
  • Reconstructing the Newport Medieval Ship
  • Behind the scenes of SS Great Britain
  • Curator’s guided tour of the Vasa Museum conservation labs in Stockholm



What does a company contribute?

A company can contribute in a number of ways ranging from a simple financial sponsorship of NAS through to the provision of staff and resources for specific projects , including archaeological work on shipwrecks.

Download our CSR Flyer here

If you are interested in a CSR Programme with NAS or would like more information on how this would fit with your company then please contact Mark Beattie-Edwards, the NAS Chief Executive Officer at [email protected] or by calling +44(0)2392 818419