Every year we take qualified divers on an extraordinary experience visiting and learning about the UK's protected wrecks. 

Currently our Protected Wreck Days are undertaken out of Eastbourne, Sussex on the Normans' Bay Wreck (c.1690) and the Holland No.5 submarine (sank 1912); and out of Portsmouth, Hampshire on the protected wrecks of HMS Invincible (sank 1758) and the A1 Submarine (sank 1911).

The days would normally include classroom talks or a on board pre-dive briefing and discussion on each of the wrecks.

When we visit the Normans' Bay Wreck and the Holland No.5 submarine, we dive from the charter boat Dive 125 out of Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne and the briefings are carried out by our own CEO, Mark Beattie-Edwards who is the principle licencee for both protected wrecks.

Above: DiveZone visited the Holland No.5 Submarine in 2013

Above: The Norman's Bay Wreck in April 2018

Find out more about the Holland No.5 submarine and the Normans' Bay Wreck

When we visit HMS Invincible and the A1 Submarine we dive from the NAS Dive Club's own RIB. We are lucky enough to be joined by Dan Pascoe and Martin Davies, the principle licensees of each wreck.

Find out more about the A1 submarine and the wreck of HMS Invincible

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If you would like to book either of our Protected Wreck Days for your group or club then do email us to discuss dates and costs. Email Peta Knott, NAS Education Officer on [email protected]