NASAC is a volunteer run archaeological dive club affiliated to the Nautical Archaeology Society and is run by NAS members for NAS members.

Our purpose is to provide project-based archaeological diving opportunities for NAS members.

NASAC is affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club(BSAC Branch 2574). We welcome divers from all the training agencies. We will not be teaching diving, but we will aim to develop members’ skills through specific dives and projects that will initially be based primarily along the South Coast.

Club diving is run under BSAC guidelines and club members will be encouraged to join BSAC in order to be covered by its comprehensive insurance scheme.

Club members are required to be current members of the Nautical Archaeology Society - Join here

Several club members are licencees of Protected Wreck sites, affording us unique project opportunities. Guest divers with archaeological interests are welcome to join in club activities.

The NASAC Membership Secretary, Sara Hasan can be contacted on [email protected]