Isle of Scilly Shipwrecks

This maritime compendium covers the archipelago of the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall. It also covers the surrounding sea areas which use Scilly as a focus, i.e. incidents, usually referred to as ‘off Scilly’. The Seven Stones are certainly included and some incidents may cover an area nearer to the Wolf Rock and Land’s End. Discover more here..... Read more

Discovering Devon, by Therese Kearns

Long time NAS member Therese Kearns, Programme Officer for the South Devon Rivers Discovery Programme, reflects on her first few months of working on CITiZAN's new initiatives, and what exciting opportunities they have coming up... Read more

A German Take on the NAS Training Programme, by Luisa Goldammer

As one of our first International Training Partners, DEGUWA have been teaching a German version of our syllabus for many years. Tutor Luisa Goldammer reports on the latest course run in Bonn, Germany. Find out about what they were learning here... Read more

Discovering WWII Coastal Defences in Dorset, UK, by Clive Raymond

After an inspiring weekend, NAS member Clive Raymond reports on his experiences on the Discovering WWII Coastal Defences NAS course in April 2019. Find out what he discovered here... Read more

Small Boat Plans and Photos Archive

In partnership with Southampton University, we're creating an archive of small boat plans and photographs to make them accessible for public research. We're also going to train a team of volunteers to make this happen! Read more

Rope Recording: Another tangent to underwater historic exploration, by Ali Bessell

Long-term NAS member, Ali Bessell, re-finds her way back to NAS activities after a long absence, and learns all about rope recording. Find out what she discovered here... Read more

International Centre for Underwater Archaeology, Zadar

Since 2012, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (ICUA) has been recognised as an International Training Partner, organising NAS training courses in the Republic of Croatia. Read more

Parks Canada Agency

The Underwater Archaeology Team (UAT) is Canada’s designated Federal Authority on underwater archaeology provide NAS training for the general public. Read more

A Chilly Dip on the Gribshunden Bodes Well for Future Excavations, by Phil Short

Extreme diver, director of Dark Water Exploration Ltd and NAS member, Phil Short recounts his recent quick, cold dip into perfectly preserved Swedish history. With plans to go back for more! Find out more about what he discovered here... Read more

Write for us

We want to learn more about the people who support us - our fantastic base of dedicated and passionate members! If you have a story to tell, then why not tell it...? Read more

"You Never Know What You’re Going To Find", by Aidan Cheasley

One of our youngest members, Aidan Cheasley, recalls his NAS journey so far, and tells us what he's been learning along the way, armed with his enthusiasm for exploring and discovering. Read his story here... Read more