Holland 5 Submarine Diver Trail

Details of our visits to the Holland No.5 can be found and booked here. NAS members get discounts off trips so make sure you join and login to your members account first to get your discount.

Between 2016 and 2018 with grant support from Historic England the NAS developed a new virtual diver trail on the protected wreck of the Holland No.5 Submarine.

The virtual dive was created using over 1,700 digital photographs taken by Martin Davies from InDepth Photography imported into Agisoft Photoscan. The resulting accurate photogrammetry survey was provided to Mike Postons from 3Deep Media Ltd to import into the immersive VR experience with additonal supporting information and links. We have posted a "How to" video on our YouTube Channel to help get the most out of the trail.

 More on the Holland No.5 Submarine

  • Find the Holland No.5 on the National Heritage List for England here
  • The NAS runs trips to dive the Holland No.5 protected wreck every year - you can book online - NAS members get discounts so join and then login first to get up to £15.00 off
  • The NAS Facebook Group for the Holland No.5 here - visitors can upload photos and short video clips of their visit
  • Visit the Holland No.5 Submarine Protected Wreck with the NAS -  The NAS dives the Holland No.5 Submarine - information on the wreck and planned trips can be found here
  • The Wikipedia entry for the Holland No.5 Submarine here
  • The 3D photogrammetry survey of the Holland No.5 by InDepth Photography from 15th June 2017 can be viewed on Sketchfab here
  • Download the A5 underwater guide for diver navigation and interpretation here
  • The NAS's YouTube playlist of videos of the Holland No.5 can be viewed here


 More information and examples for accessing Protected Wrecks

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Our Supporters and Partners

We would like to thank Historic England, InDepth Photography and 3Deep Media for all their support and work to create the Holland No.5 Submarine Protected Wreck Diver Trail.