To make the best out of the current challenging times, the Nautical Archaeology Society has started a new free online lunchtime talks series – and we’d like you to join in. 

Inspired by the popular TEDtalks, we’re establishing #CovEDtalks to promote #SelfEducation during #SelfIsolation. These will be stand-alone half-hour talks on Tuesdays at 12:30-13:00 (London).

You can now Register for the #CovEdTalk Series here 

The weekly Live Broadcasts are unfortunately limited to 500 people due to the limitations of the platform.

Register once to have free access to all talks until the end of June 2020, but make sure you join 5 mins early to get the live feed. If you miss out the talks will be on our YouTube Channel as quickly as we can. 


We have lined up a range of speakers on topics related to underwater archaeology, maritime heritage, foreshore archaeology – anything wet and old and interesting! We’re also hoping that this will provide an opportunity for students, volunteers and avocational archaeologists to practice their presentation skills in a less stressful environment.


We will host the talks through our Webcast system which has proved a very successful platform for our previous three IJNA Webinars. This means that the audience and the presenters can be anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Who's up next ?

The second talk in the series will be on Tuesday 7th April 12:30-13:00 (London) and will be given by Dr Innes McCartney from Bournemouth University on WW1 U-Boat Archaeology.


The first #CovEDTalk in the series was given by NAS CEO, Mark Beattie-Edwards on 31st March with "Discover the London: Southend's Time Capsule" #LondonWreck1665 #ProtectedWreck . You can now watch the presentation on the NAS YouTube Channel here.


Please let us know ( email mark AT ) if you are interested in presenting on your research or fieldwork as part of this new series. We’re hoping that the series will continue beyond the suggested isolation period, but right now we want to take this opportunity to share important work being undertaken in our discipline with the wider world and give everyone something exciting to learn about while we’re all stuck at home!