Waifs of the Sea

NAS member and fellow, Ed Cumming (MIBEC Publications) has created an invaluable "Index of Identifiable Wreckage from Shipwreck, and Losses from Vessels, recorded in the British Press in the 19th Century". You can freely search the entire index of 350 pages. Discover more here.....Read more

Minesweeper MMS113

Since 2016 the NAS has been working alongside other interested parties on the remains of what is believed to be a World War II Motor Minesweeper 113. The remains of the vessel lie on the Gosport foreshore on the western side of Portsmouth Harbour. NAS members are helping to record and research the remains of this piece of military heritage. Discover more about the M113 here......Read more

Commemorating the Forgotten U-boat War around the Welsh Coast 1914-18

During 2018 and 2019 this HLF funded project will use the latest imaging techniques to reveal underwater wrecks from the Great War, and will support coastal communities around Wales to tell their previously untold stories about the Great War at Sea. As a project partner the NAS will help deliver educational events in North and South Wales. Discover more here...Read more


The CITiZAN project has created a national network of volunteers, providing them with the skills and systems to record, monitor and celebrate these highly significant but fragile archaeological sites. Initial funding from the HLF, coupled with matched funding from The Crown Estate, has supported a major three-year community programme. Discover more here...Read more

Normans Bay Wreck

The Normans Bay Wreck, was designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act in 2006 as an English or Dutch ship of unknown identity, dating between the 17th and 18th centuries AD. We have been working on the site with our members since 2010 and now believe that we have identified the wreck. Discover more here...Read more

Holland No.5 Submarine

The Holland No.5 submarine is a remarkable piece of our naval heritage. She was the first submarine to actually be commissioned in the Royal Navy, on the 19th January 1903 at the same time as Holland No.3. The NAS has been involved in recording and researching the wreck since 2008. Discover more here...Read more

Dive Trails

The NAS has helped establish diver trails around the UK to facilitate access to the country’s protected wrecks. Some include virtual dives that help non-divers experience the pleasure of exploring a historic wreck. Discover more here.....Read more

Adopt a Wreck

The Adopt a Wreck scheme was originally devised in 2000 with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The scheme serves as a way of encouraging the public to actively record the sites they are visiting and everyone who has adopted a site is encouraged to submit their work for the annual Adopt a Wreck Award. Discover more here...Read more

Big Anchor Project

The Big Anchor Project aims to develop a global tool for the identification of anchors. The initiative is managed by the NAS with the help of various project partners and supporters. The project is building a freely accessible, online database of anchors which can serve as a valuable tool for anybody undertaking research or with a general interest in the subject. Discover more here...Read more

Hastings Intertidal Wrecks Community Archaeology Project

New to 2018 - A local training programme and series of public events leading to fieldwork on the two protected intertidal wrecks – The Anne and Amsterdam. Participants will learn new skills and contribute to the preservation and investigation of our precious heritage. Discover more here...Read more