Be part of an online volunteer team illustrating artefacts recently raised and conserved from the HMS Invincible shipwreck.

As part of a major excavation over the last few years, artefacts have been raised and conserved from  HMS Invincible wrecked in 1758 in the Solent on the south coast of the UK. These artefacts need illustrating for publication.

Over the last few years NAS has run numerous Illustration courses and continue to do so. Here is an opportunity to put that training into practice!

There is no time limit or geographical restrictions for this project - you can participate wherever you are in the world, whenever you like!

How to volunteer on this project

1. Be a NAS member

2. - Have completed an Archaeological Illustration course with NAS or,
    - Attend our Archaeological Illustration course in Southampton in March or,
    - Purchase a recording of a previous NAS illustration course for £15 by emailing [email protected] or,
    - Email a course certificate or example of your work to prove you have done equivalent training in archaeological artefact illustration.

3. Watch the recording of the project information session.

4. Select at least one of these artefacts to illustrate by hand drawing or digital illustration methods.

5. Submit your draft illustration to [email protected] for comments and review by expert illustrator Mark Hoyle

6. Make any suggested edits and submit final illustration which may be included in the final HMS Invincible Wreck publication!