We’re looking for volunteers to assist with an archive project we’re running in partnership with Southampton University. Over the years, a significant collection of plans and photographs of small boats has been created, based on the large collection of vernacular boats that used to be in Exeter Maritime Museum. Now that the collection has been auctioned and distributed around the world, these plans and photos are an important archival resource both of the unique boats themselves, but also as an iconic collection of maritime heritage. 

The aim of this project is to form a small team of volunteers who have an interest in small boats, plans and archiving, and provide them with training and support where needed, so that they can create an archive that makes the plans and photos accessible to the public. 

The tasks that we anticipate doing include:

  • Cataloguing photos and paper plans
  • Preparing documents for scanning
  • Inking in pencil boat plans
  • Cross referencing spreadsheets with boat plan and documentary data
  • First-aid conservation
  • Photo re-naming
  • Anything else that pops up and needs doing!

The work will all take place at the Avenue Campus of Southampton University SO17 1BF and the finished archive will be deposited at the University Library.

If this sounds interesting to you, then please register your interest to [email protected] and we'll keep you informed of the project.

If you can be at Southampton University on Friday 24th May between 10:30 and 2:30pm, then please join other NAS members, the Education Officer and a small group of Southampton students to do an initial audit of the collection to work out our future plan of attack! RSVP for Friday 24th May to [email protected]