The Maritime Archaeology and Heritage Institute (MAHI) in Pakistan has asked the NAS Research Group to assist with their project - the Inventory of Maritime Archaeology of Pakistan (IMAP).

Under the expert guidance of Sheilah Openshaw, a team of NAS members will scour the UK archives and online historical sources to find evidence of Pakistan's maritime heritage. Research will focus on historical document archives, photographic archives, cartographic sources and other primary source material and well as hydrographic, geological, and environmental sources. 

All the information gathered by the research team will contribute to a maritime heritage database being created by MAHI. They will use the content of the database to create heritage maps and identify suitable sites for their archaeological investigations.

Watch the recording of an online information session to find out more about the project.

Do you want to develop your research skills while contributing to an international research project?
All you need to do is commit to a minimum of 2 hours per month in the Southampton Central Library (but you can do more!).
All training is provided on the spot and you will earn 1 credit towards your NAS qualification per 2 hour session (NAS membership is free for uni students!).

So what will you actually be doing?
You will be contributing to Pakistan’s first ever database of shipwrecks by finding references to ship losses in the Board of Trade Wreck Return archives housed at the Southampton Central Library.
This is a very exciting project as nothing on this scale has been done before! Which is why we need lots of volunteers to get the research done.
Once we’ve completed this baseline archive research, there will be lots more scope for online research and possibly even fieldwork! 

Research Sessions at Southampton Central Library will be on Wednesdays 11am-1pm during term time. First one is on 8th March.

Please confirm your interest in this project by contacting [email protected]