The NAS is able to give support and guidance to help NAS members run investigation projects.

Our Project's Sub-Committee has created a project proposal template to help our Members who would like to run projects for other members, helping to bring ideas to fruition.

NAS Projects Sub-Committee members:

  • Mark Beattie-Edwards, NAS CEO
  • Peta Knott, NAS Education Manager
  • Alison James, MSDS Marine & MSDS Heritage
  • Claire Hallybone, Wreckspeditions
  • David Johnston, Hazardous Wreck Project
  • Mike Williams
  • Geoff Downer
  • Michael Curtis


Would you like to run a project for NAS Members?

This form is designed to help NAS members plan and document a project that is affiliated to the NAS, so we can endorse and promote it, and NAS members can support and participate in it, but which does not require direct the involvement of NAS staff or resources.

We recognise that planning and running projects can be daunting and we are happy to provide further help and guidance. If you would prefer to start by talking to an NAS member of staff or Project's Sub-Committee member please email us.

To further assist you, you may wish to refer to the excellent book “An Introduction to Running Maritime Archaeological Projects”, written by NAS senior tutor Ian Cundy and available from the NAS shop.

Download the Affiliated Projects Form 


Please note that any project being undertaken with direct involvement of the NAS must be conducted in compliance with the following NAS Policies (published on the NAS website).

(1) NAS Statement of Principles

(2) NAS Members Code of Conduct

(3) NAS Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy

(4) NAS Health & Safety Policy

(5) NAS Code of Diving Practice (for diving projects)

The NAS will require formal oversight of all Risk Assessments and Project Health and Safety Plans and will help create them