Hello, I’m Morgan.

I am a 21-year-old maritime archaeology student at the University of Southampton and am excited to be joining the Nautical Archaeology Society. I am currently in the third year of my Integrated Masters course, and once finished I aim to study for a doctorate in archaeology.

I have recently completed my BSAC diving qualification as an Ocean Diver and am looking forward to diving more, both recreationally and as a part of underwater archaeological projects. At University I primarily study maritime archaeology and hope to bring my passion for it to the Society and gain valuable experience in the field from this opportunity. I am also looking forward to meeting other members of the Society, be that through conferences or on a dive boat, and getting to know them better.

As part of this opportunity, I aim to gain practical experience in the field that will help me in my studies and in life, along with helping to reach the wider public and enable them to gain a better understanding of the world of archaeology and the activities and projects that the Society is involved in.

This is a great opportunity, and I am looking forward to getting involved in the activities of the Society and assisting on the projects that are being worked on.