20th January 2023

The Nautical Archaeology Society is adding photogrammetry to its suite of cutting-edge eLearning courses. Photogrammetry is the practise of building 3D models of wrecks using digital cameras and specialised software. These days, it’s possible to create an incredibly detailed model with even a GoPro and a laptop, leading to an explosion of interest from both professional archaeologists and amateur wreck enthusiasts.

During the course learners discover how to take photographs of archaeological sites and artefacts and how to create interactive 3D models. The ultimate aim of the course is for learners to be able to create 3D models that can assist not only with archaeological research programmes, but also for the efficient monitoring of archaeological sites for the UK’s heritage agencies.

Thanks to a grant from Historic England, the NAS has spent two years developing the course. It includes nine modules that have been created by three experts in archaeological photogrammetry – Simon Brown from Deep3D, Martin Davies from InDepth Photography and Brandon Mason from the Maritime Archaeology Trust. 

“It was a pleasure to contribute, and I look forward to seeing a new generation of creators digitally capture in glorious 3D the underwater world and its treasures.” Simon Brown, Deep3D

Working with the experts, and with an award-winning eLearning developer, the NAS has designed a step-by-step interactive course including two data sets for learners to build 3D models in two different software packages.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the online course can be further enhanced through subsequent attendance on face-to-face photogrammetry courses that the NAS also offers.

NAS Chief Executive, Mark Beattie Edwards, commented: “Now is the perfect time to be expanding the variety of online courses within our educational programme. Since the pandemic lockdowns around the world, it has become more possible than ever to learn new skills from the comfort of your own home. We are very grateful to Historic England for recognising this vital educational work targeted at documenting and protecting our precious maritime cultural heritage”.

Hefin Meara, Maritime Archaeologist at Historic England said: “We’re delighted to support the Nautical Archaeology Society in the development of its eLearning programme. The new course will provide an excellent introduction to the complex world of underwater photography and photogrammetry, helping people to research and care for these important archaeological sites using cutting edge techniques”.

NAS Education Manager Peta Knott added: “It is fantastic to have the ongoing support from Historic England to help us meet the demand for online learning that has grown exponentially over recent years. This exciting new course will allow us to expand our audience of eLearners which will create a greater team of citizen scientists to monitor and protect our threatened maritime heritage”



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