This week we are excited to be joined by a new member of the team at Fort Cumberland - Effy Evans.

They join us as a Assistant Projects Officer through the UK Governments Kickstart scheme assisted by the Historic England Kickstart Gateway for employers in the heritage sector.


The Kickstart placements give young people, aged 16 -24, a chance to gain valuable experience in a work environment while exploring the amazing career opportunities available in the heritage sector.

Hello, I’m Effy!

I’m 19 years old with a strong interest in history. Despite not having a lot of experience I’m very excited to be working a long side the team at the Nautical Archaeology Society and to learn more each day.

My goal is to get people understanding the importance with archaeology. As someone with not much background and experience in this I want to be able to teach and help more people like myself to find archaeology and history just as exciting.

I will be organising plans and events for the general public to take part and have an awesome experience. I’m also taking control of the social media side of things, I will be creating more YouTube videos, launching our new TikTok account, as well as posting more frequently on our other platforms -  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I’m very excited to be a part of this Society and to put all our ideas and thoughts into place.

Feel free to contact me regarding any of this! Any support or input is always appreciated and considered; you can contact me through [email protected]