Run the ‘Virtual’ London Marathon in support of NAS and the Save The London Campaign

Although Marathon is primarily a terrestrial archaeological site, the famous Greek victory (should that be “nike”?) led to the Battle of Artemisium – one of the most famous naval battles of the classical period. 

Running a Marathon therefore seems a fitting way to support NAS' effort to Save The London wreck and we are delighted to have two places available for the ‘virtual’ London Marathon event on Sunday 3 October 2021. We are also excited to say you will be running alongside NAS Fellow and Trustee of the London Shipwreck Trust, Steve Ellis. 

Join Steve Ellis and 50,000 other runners and take part in the world’s largest marathon event, any time from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 BST on the 3rd October. 

Although running on a treadmill (like me) may be a great way to train – the Marathon itself cannot be run on a treadmill.  It can, however, be run along any course of your choice and will be tracked using an official London Marathon App. It can also be run from anywhere in the world!  So why not run between your favourite coastal archaeological sites?.

Participants who complete their course will receive an official London Marathon finishers medal and t-shirt as well as ‘bragging rights’. Of course you will also be doing something amazing to support the efforts of the NAS and the London Shipwreck Trust to Save The London

If you would like to participate, NAS asks that you target raising £500 in sponsorship. 

Please email [email protected] – the two places will be allocated in order of application – so get your requests in quick!