Published: 8th April 2021.

The links between the Portuguese Navy and the maritime and underwater cultural heritage goes back a long time. 

Through a new training partner agreement with the Portuguese Navy Academy (Escola Naval) and their Research Centre CINAV, together with the Lisbon University School of Arts and Humanities and the Cascais municipally, we hope to build new links, new research projects as well as new knowledge and respect for underwater cultural heritage.

Map: Cascais is a municipality in the Lisbon District of Portugal, located on the Portuguese Riviera. 

The Portuguese Navy Academy (Escola Naval) and its Research Centre CINAV, together and with the Nautical Archaeology Society hope to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in underwater archaeology to all of those that are interested in exploring and protecting our underwater cultural heritage.

To achieve this goal, they will be using the long experience and knowledge of the NAS courses, together with the knowledge that their team has been gathering for the last 20 years in various successful fieldwork projects. 

Knowing that and aiming to reach as far as possible to all of those that speak Portuguese, the CINAV will run, as much as possible, their courses online and in Portuguese.

The CINAV and their partners are looking forward to long and robust cooperation with NAS aiming to improve the general public awareness and preservation of the Portuguese underwater cultural heritage all around the world and in Portuguese jurisdiction waters.

To find out more about CINAV's plans contact Augusto Salgado on [email protected]