Max tells us about his first month at the NAS


My first month here has been very interesting. I was signed on as a communications intern in such a specific place, the nautical archaeology world, so at first of course I had my doubts. But fortunately they went away as soon as I started, thanks to the NAS and particularly my internship supervisor Mark, who has helped me get into my role here very quickly.


It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to put into practice what I’ve been learning during my studies on a professional level, and to be honest it feels good. One of the big tasks I’ve had is to use online tools to analyse the NAS’s audience, you! And from that I’m going to be trying to get you, the community, to really feel like you are part of the NAS.


It would be wonderful during my time with the NAS to be able meet some of you, even if only by email or on Zoom. It would be very useful to talk to you about how the Society communicates with its members and how you can communicate with the NAS.

You can contact me on [email protected] 

I’m also working with the team in charge of organising this year’s annual conference, which will take place in November, so keep an eye open in the not too distant future for the latest news concerning the event. Another part of my internship here that I find very stimulating is the international dimension, as a French student working in a UK-based association.


So to sum up, so far so good – its been a truly exciting experience until now and I’m looking forward to my next two months here!