11th February 2021

The Nautical Archaeology Society and MSDS Marine are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enable us to bring together the extensive experience of both organisations for the benefit of underwater cultural heritage research, promotion, education and enjoyment.

Both MSDS Marine and the NAS are fully functioning, and successful, organisations with existing management structures and staff. They are both recognised as market leaders in maritime archaeology and bringing the diverse skills of the two organisations together will ensure that we can maximise the benefit of our work by increasing public value, and promoting good practice through innovation and skills development.

The NAS and MSDS Marine have agreed a number of goals in order to initiate a closer working relationship, including:

  • the development of shared access to staff and resources to increase capacity within both organisations;
  • the ability to develop joint projects which require registered charitable status through the NAS as a mechanism to recognise the aims and aspirations of MSDS Marine;
  • the development of closer working and the formalisation and recognition of a relationship whereby MSDS Marine recognise the NAS as their preferred partner for project delivery and vice versa.

"I am very pleased to announce the signing of a MoU between the NAS and MSDS Marine and excited by the opportunities it will present for both organisations. I look forward to sharing the results of our collaboration on current and future projects in the coming months". Tim Parker, the Chair of the NAS.

"I am absolutely delighted to be able to sign this MoU with the NAS and welcome the opportunity it will bring for both MSDS Marine and the NAS. Having started my career with the NAS it seems fitting to be able to work together with them now to benefit the maritime archaeology sector. I look forward to working with them on existing projects such as at Sandwich and on the creation of new projects in the future"Alison James, Director of MSDS Marine.

"Having known Mark and Alison at MSDS for decades and having worked with them in recent years on a number of projects including at Sandwich and on the Rooswijk wreck, we are very excited about what the future might hold for both organisations by working together. This year marks the 50th year of our international journal and 50 years of supporting and promoting nautical and maritime archaeology, and partnerships and collaborations like this with MSDS Marine are crucial to ensure that we are around for the next 50 years". Mark Beattie-Edwards, NAS CEO


Mark Beattie-Edwards, MA, MCiFA, FSA

NAS Chief Executive

Email: [email protected]