Published 7th April 2021

Max joined the NAS communications team as an intern in April 2021. He will be focusing on bringing a fresh perspective and improving the reach of the Nautical Archaeology Society. Max can be reached on [email protected] 

He is not a diver or an archaeologist, but a French student of information and communication in the south of France, in the beautiful city of Toulouse. Born in France, to English parents, he was lucky enough to grow up discovering two different cultures and languages simultaneously, but today relates much more to his French side. 

Studying in the "Ville Rose", he is learning the ropes of the communication and information world. In his second year, Max got to work hand in hand with his university on a communications strategy for a real-life client: another university degree. His proposals included renaming the entire course, rethinking its values and image and coming up with innovative ways to promote them. His third year will revolve around communication and marketing. 

Max’s desire to learn more about the world and its various cultures led him to join the NAS, where he aims to discover, explore, and learn by doing.