Our fragile island heritage

The coast of England is under constant threat from wind, waves and winter storms. These threats wreak havoc on England's varied coastal and intertidal heritage, not only exposing these sites but washing them away before they are ever seen. 

The Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN) has been set up in response to these dynamic threats to our island heritage. CITiZAN is a community archaeology project working in the areas of England exposed at low tide but covered at high tide. The project is actively promoting site recording and long-term monitoring programmes led by active volunteers.

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09/01/19 - CITiZAN goes from strength to strength - New CITiZAN Discovery Programmes to target regions where coastal archaeology is vulnerable to extreme erosion

CITiZAN has been awarded funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to establish six Discovery Programmes in areas where the risk to intertidal and coastal archaeology is extreme. Thanks to National Lottery players, the CITiZAN Discovery Programmes will be established on sites on the Humber, Liverpool Bay, the Blackwater, the Kent coast, the Solent and three rivers in Devon in 2019.

Gustav Milne, CITiZAN Project Leader, said: “With over 1500 archaeological features added to the CITiZAN interactive coastal map, the new CITiZAN Discovery Programmes focus on areas where coastal archaeology is under threat from extreme erosion and where we can work with local communities to record and monitor these important sites.”

CITiZAN is a MOLA  project, run in partnership with the Council for British Archaeology and the Nautical Archaeology Society. The new three-year project is possible owing to generous support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, with additional support from the National Trust, Historic England and The Crown Estate. 

Join the CITiZAN team!

CITiZAN are looking for experienced and enthusiastic intertidal community archaeologists and a super organised and keen project manager to join their team and delivery the new 6 Discovery Programmes. For more information and to submit your application click here.



CITiZAN a winner: Charity Awards 2018!

CITiZAN have won the Charity Awards 2018 for Arts, Culture and Heritage, recognising our network's innovation and dedication to record our fragile coastal and intertidal heritage. It is such an honour to have the hard work of our network of archaeologists, volunteers and partners recognized by the wider charity sector! 

We could not have done it without you!

Many thanks go out to all involved who have made CITiZAN a success:

Thank you for your support and your dedication over the past 3 years. This award is an amazing recognition of all that you do! 


If you'd like to know more about the CITiZAN sites, have a look at the online resources: 

East Sussex


Adopt your coastline!

Want to get involved? Download the CITiZAN app for your smartphone and monitor the fragile heritage on your local foreshore. With nothing more than the phone in your pocket, you can locate and monitor at-risk archaeology with your smartphone!  

Register as a CITiZAN surveyor and you can locate and monitor at-risk archaeology with your smartphone!