The Adopt a Wreck scheme was originally devised in 2000 with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The scheme serves as a way of encouraging the public to actively record the sites they are visiting and everyone who has adopted a site is encouraged to submit their work for the annual Adopt a Wreck Award.

What kind of sites can I adopt?

As the title suggests, it is most common for dive clubs to adopt a shipwreck however other types of sites can be adopted such as planes, tanks and maritime infrastructure. On land there is a range of harbour works and buildings with nautical connections, coastal habitations, hulks and other material of archaeological interest that can be adopted too.

How to adopt a site

If you, your group or club have a site that you visit regularly and would like to take your work on that site further and contribute to our knowledge of maritime site by adopting it.

Sign up to the scheme here.


Adopted wrecks

Over 120 sites have been adopted under the scheme so far, both in the UK and overseas. View the list here.

Adopt A Wreck Award

Every year the NAS awards the Adopt a Wreck Award to the person or group who has made the most significant contribution to archaeology, research and dissemination through the Adopt a Wreck scheme. Applications normally open in September with the award being given at the NAS Annual Conference in November at which the winners are invited to present. Find out more here.