NAS UK Qualifications

There are three qualifications that NAS members in the UK can work through as they develop their archaeological skills. Members progress through these qualifications by earning credits by participating in courses, events and fieldwork. Find out more here...Read more


You can begin your archaeological training from the comfort of your own home with our ELearning Programme. There are three courses available and each is made up of a series of lessons which include images, videos and examples to demonstrate the information. Find out more here.Read more

Adopt a Wreck Award

Every year the NAS awards the Adopt a Wreck Award to the person or group who has made the most significant contribution to archaeology and researched through the Adopt a Wreck scheme. Applications normally close in October with the award being given at the NAS Annual Conference in November.Read more

Skills Days

Learn practical archaeology skills. Our Recorder and Surveyor Skills Days are a great place to start and take place on land or underwater. Get in the field with our Recorder Day and learn how to record a site through sketching, photography and video, then on the Surveyor Day learn how to complete a 2D survey of a site and how to use a planning frame to produce a scale drawing. Find out more here.......Read more

Maritime Archaeology Courses

Learn specialist skills in particular areas. Anyone can take these courses and members can gain 5 credits/day toward a qualification if they wish. There are no prerequisites for these courses unless noted in the course documentation. Find out more here.....Read more

Heritage Events

We run behind-the-scenes tours of museums, historic vessels and places of maritime interest for our members.Read more

Protected Wreck Days

Every year we take qualified divers on an extraordinary experience visiting and learning about some of the UK's amazing protected wrecks. Read more to find out where we go and what we do........Read more

Annual Conference

With presentations from both professional and amateur archaeologists, the NAS Annual Conference is an opportunity for the NAS community to exchange news and ideas—about the latest research, member activities, and access to our shared heritage. It’s a chance to network with friends and colleagues from the UK and elsewhere. Find out more about this year’s event here.......Read more