University Courses in Nautical Archaeology

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What's Going On

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Jobs, Internships and Funding

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NAS UK Qualifications

There are three qualifications that NAS members in the UK can work through as they develop their archaeological skills. Members progress through these qualifications by earning credits by participating in courses, events and fieldwork. Find out more here.Read more


You can begin your archaeological training from the comfort of your own home with our ELearning Programme. There are three courses available and each is made up of a series of lessons which include images, videos and examples to demonstrate the information. Find out more here.Read more

Dive Trails

The NAS has helped establish diver trails around the UK to facilitate access to the country’s protected wrecks. Some include virtual dives that help non-divers experience the pleasure of exploring a historic wreck. Discover more here.Read more

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology is a forum for the exchange of ideas and research relevant to all aspects of nautical and maritime archaeology. Learn more here.Read more

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Recording forms

The NAS has developed a series of recording forms that may help with projects that you are undertaking. These forms can be printed on waterproof paper and mounted on survey boards for use underwater.Read more