Numismatics or Bust

NAS member Paul Harwood, swapped his day-job of computer programming in London, for three days of immersing himself in 18th century archaeology at Fort Cumberland. Here he tells his tale…Read more

Investigations into Incidents at Sea and the Internet, by Ed Cumming

Ed Cumming, honorary fellow of the NAS, brings us up to date with his research, and gives us insight into what he'll be looking at next.Read more

Write for us

We encourage our members from around the world to write articles for submission to the NAS — we publish these Members' Stories on our website and are distributed through our social-media channels.Read more

2018 In Review

Mark sums up his favourite events of 2018, and gives a few hints as to what's in store for the NAS in the coming new year.Read more

A Visit to the Vasa, by Alex Denny

Alex Denny recently took part in the visit to the impressive Vasa Museum in Stockholm with the NAS, here he offers an insiders sneak peak into his experience of the trip.Read more

The S-to-Z of Ropes and Cordage

Long-time NAS member Nick Reed has a new-found knowledge of post-medieval rope and cordage after attending a recent NAS course on the subject, here, Nick shows us the ropes.Read more

Rescue Excavations Near Dreumel

You don’t have to dive deep to encounter remarkable archaeology under water. Here NAS member Peter Seinen reports on the rescue of a 7m-long punt in the floodplain of the River Meuse.Read more

Intensive NAS course in Mexico City

NAS tutor Dr Jorge M. Herrera ran a two-week NAS course at the National University (UNAM) in Mexico City. Learn more here!Read more

Underwater Heritage Protection

Australia enacted new legislation to protect the country’s underwater cultural heritage, replacing forty-year-old legislation. Danielle Wilkinson and Bob MacKintosh of Wessex Archaeology assess the new framework.Read more

Back to the Rooswijk

NAS membership was once more Duncan Ross’s gateway to hands-on involvement on a major underwater archaeological project.Read more

One for the Memoires

Here lifelong yachtsman and new diver Kees Post relates how an encounter with the NAS website turned a passion for the sea into a close encounter with some 2,000-year-old artefacts in Croatia — all in the space of 8 months.Read more