Claire Hallybone is a NAS tutor who just spent the weekend teaching locals how to record their local muddy heritage! She tells her tale here...
This weekend we are working on the boat graveyard in Munlochy Bay, Scottish Highlands as part of our Skills Day training with NOSAS and SCAPE Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk. Thanks go to Historic Environment Scotland for funding this training.
Day 1 - Recorder Skills Day Training

Some of the students and tutors on site at the boat graveyard
The five students have already completed their eLearning theory. Now it's time to put their knowledge into practice - in the mud! There are 12 Zula boats in the boat graveyard. They were once engaged in the Herring fishing industry in Avoch and were sketched, photographed and recorded by the team during the training session.

Students recording the site and being instructed by one of the tutors.
We have found some interesting features with iron fixings, rudders, rams horns and leather shoes. If you have any memories of the Zula boats in Avoch or Munlochy Bay, we would love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] 
Day 2 - Surveyor Skills Training
Day two of our intertidal skills day training involved more equipment which had to be carried to site. But the view made it worthwhile!
Carrying survey equipment to site
The second day of training involves doing a measured survey to create a plan of boat 2 and some planning frame drawing.
Measured survey process and the results showing the bow of boat 2 with keel, keelson and floors
This vessel has a stern post and rudder still in situ with chains still surviving for the steering.
We have 10 more vessels to survey at this site so if you would like to come and help, please get in touch! [email protected]
Thanks again to Historic Environment Scotland for funding this training through their Historic Environment Support Fund.