Parks Canada Agency

The Underwater Archaeology Team (UAT) is Canada’s designated Federal Authority on underwater archaeology provide NAS training for the general public. Read more

International Training Partners

For over 20 years we have be proud to have International Training Partners that teach our courses all around the world. They adapt our core syllabus to their own particular needs and deliver courses using their own preferred sites and facilities. Find out more here... Read more

Introduction to Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology

The NAS curriculum starts with an Introduction to Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology. This is a one day course introducing the student to some of the basic concepts of underwater archaeology - what archaeology is and how it can apply to the underwater environment. Find out more here...... Read more

Part I

The Part I course is a general introduction to maritime archaeology which focuses on aspects such as pre-disturbance, or in other words, non-intrusive surveys of shipwrecks and coastal heritage sites. Find out more here..... Read more

Part 2

The NAS Part 2 includes attendance on the equivalent of two days of archaeology conferences as well as the completion of a short project report. Read on to find out more about the Part 2 and to see an example project report...... Read more

Part 3

The NAS Part 3 is awarded following the accumulation of 100 contact hours of tuition in six or seven subject areas ranging from survey, excavation, ancient technology and managing archaeology. Find out more about Part 3 courses here.... Read more

Part 4

The NAS Part 4, the pinnacle of our International Programme includes a portfolio of work on an approved site, including a report to publication standard. The Part 4 graduate will also have to complete a minimum of 12 weeks of archaeological work on at least three sites since beginning their Part 2. Read more