MADU Book Double Special Offer


Save money by buying both MADU books - the Illustrated Glossary of Wooden Ship and Boat Terminology (2020) and An Introduction to Running Maritime Archaeological Projects (2021). Read more

Introduction to Running Maritime Archaeological Projects


This 116-page paperback has been self-published by the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit, and is printed on demand. The book has evolved out of the course NAS Senior Tutor, Ian Cundy from MADU teaches for the NAS on "Running Maritime Archaeological Projects". Full colour with over 120 photographs and illustrations. Read more

HMS Victory - First Rate


HMS Victory - First Rate, by Jonathan Eastland Read more

Turtle: David Bushnell's Revolutionary Vessel


Turtle: David Bushnell's Revolutionary Vessel, by Roy R. Manstan Read more

Public Archaeology and Climate Change


Public Archaeology and Climate Change. Paperback Tom Dawson (Editor); Courtney Nimura (Editor); Elías López-Romero (Editor); Marie-Yvane Daire (Editor) Read more

A Shipyard at War


A Shipyard at War: Unseen Photographs from John Brown's, Clydebank 1914 - 1918. Hardcover Read more

A Great and Glorious Victory


Read more

Arthur Mack: Old Man of the Sea


Discover the story of Arthur Mack, from illiterate mudlark to respected amateur archaeologist. This book is the fascinating saga of Arthur’s life, his archaeological adventures, and the Invincible exploration Read more

Illustrated Glossary of Boat and Ship Terms


An illustrated paperback version of the notes handed out to accompany "Wooden Ship & Boat Construction" courses. Contains 100 pages with over 650 entries and 100 accompanying photographs. Written by NAS Tutor Ian Cundy. Read more

Claimed by the Sea


First discovered by sport divers in the 1970s, the two remarkable seabed finds of prehistoric bronze metalwork described here quickly became a testing ground for the new discipline of underwater archaeology, initially under the leadership of the pioneering maritime archaeologist Keith Muckelroy. Read more

IJNA 2018 Back Issue


Back issue of the hardcopy IJNA from 2018 - Volume 47.1 (March 2018) and Volume 47.2 (September 2018) Read more

WW1 Channel Wrecks


Neil Maw has provided a detailed history of the sinking of every single ship, from the smallest trawler to the largest battleship. Read more