Gridded Waterproof Paper


A4 sheet of gridded waterproof paper are perfect for recording either underwater or on the foreshore. Sold in sheets of 10, 50 or 100. Read more

Dreadnought Battleship - Haynes Manual


Dreadnought Battleship Manual Dreadnought and super dreadnought (1906-16), by Chris McNab Read more

Mary Rose Haynes Manual


Mary Rose Haynes Manual. Publisher: Haynes Publishing Group ISBN: 9780857335111. Number of pages: 160 Read more

HMS Victory - First Rate


HMS Victory - First Rate, by Jonathan Eastland Read more

Turtle: David Bushnell's Revolutionary Vessel


Turtle: David Bushnell's Revolutionary Vessel, by Roy R. Manstan Read more

Public Archaeology and Climate Change


Public Archaeology and Climate Change. Paperback Tom Dawson (Editor); Courtney Nimura (Editor); Elías López-Romero (Editor); Marie-Yvane Daire (Editor) Read more

Blockade: Cruiser Warfare and the Starvation of Germany


Blockade: Cruiser Warfare and the Starvation of Germany in World War One. Steve R. Dunn. Hardcover. Published 2016 Read more

Above Us The Waves


Above Us the Waves: The Story of Midget Submarines and Human Torpedoes (Paperback) by C.E.T. Warren, James Benson Read more

A Shipyard at War


A Shipyard at War: Unseen Photographs from John Brown's, Clydebank 1914 - 1918. Hardcover Read more

A Great and Glorious Victory


Read more

Embroidered Cloth Badge


Read more



An NAS branded china mug Read more