The IJNA/HFF Open Access Prize was established in 2016 to give an article the benefit of Open Access,without the cost. Open access is a feature by which internet users can read and download a journal article without being a subscriber or paying for it individually. This makes the research available to a larger audience, which is beneficial to both readers and researchers alike.

The award grants Open Access for the article on the Wiley Online Library (which hosts the IJNA) for one year.


Winner 2019

The Hull of Yenikapı Shipwreck YK 11: a 7th‐century merchant vessel from Constantinople's Theodosian Harbour

Rebecca Ingram, First Published: 8 January 2018 - Read the full article online for FREE here.

Abstract: YK 11, a small, heavily repaired merchantman, was one of 37 Byzantine shipwrecks excavated at Yenikapı in Istanbul, Turkey. This 7th‐century hull, abandoned in the harbour as a derelict, was studied by archaeologists from the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Originally built with mortise‐and‐tenon edge joinery, the ship had undergone a series of significant repairs over its lifetime. Repairs included the replacement of planking as well as framing. Although the repaired vessel exhibits evidence of both shell‐first and skeleton‐first shipbuilding techniques, detailed study of the hull remains indicates that the ship was initially designed and built as a primarily shell‐based vessel.


Winner 2018

A Royal Boat Burial and Watercraft Tableau of Egypt's 12th Dynasty (c.1850 BCE) at South Abydos

Abstract: Excavations at Abydos, Egypt, during 2014–2016 have revealed the remains of a boat burial dating to the reign of Senwosret III (c.1850 BCE). The boat burial occurred inside a specially prepared, subterranean vaulted building. Surviving elements of planking appear to derive from a nearly 20 m‐long boat that was buried intact but later dismantled for reuse of the wood. The vessel may belong to a group of royal funerary boats associated with the nearby tomb of Senwosret III. Incised on to the interior walls of the boat building is an extensive tableau including 120 surviving drawings of pharaonic watercraft. A unique deposit of pottery vessels was found associated with the ceremonial burial of this royal boat.


Winner 2017

The 19th‐Century Akko Tower Wreck, Israel: a summary of the first two excavation seasons


Winner 2016

The Yenikapı Byzantine‐Era Shipwrecks, Istanbul, Turkey: a preliminary report and inventory of the 27 wrecks studied by Istanbul University