Joan Du Plat Taylor (1906–1983) was one of the first maritime archaeologists. She campaigned to bring nautical archaeology into the academic fold and was instrumental in establishing the Council for Nautical Archaeology and was founder editor of the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (IJNA) from 1972-1980.

She also recognised that amateurs could play an important role in archaeology and established systems to educate and encourage them. She was the first president of the Nautical Archaeology Society. She personally funded a grant to support publication of nautical archaeological research. Since her death, the award has continued to be given by the Nautical Archaeology Society as the Joan du Plat Taylor Award.

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The Joan Du Plat Taylor Awards Scheme is currently not accepting applications

Awards are designed to assist with specific costs incurred whilst undertaking research and can be made in support of UK or international projects. On completion of their work, the successful candidates must submit a 500 word report for publication on the NAS website within six months of completion of the grant funded work. They will also be encouraged to publish in the IJNA, the NAS Monograph Series or within other appropriate forum.

Successful candidates who do not undertake the research within 12 months of receiving the award will be asked to return the money.

Candidates should be aware that the total annual sum available is no greater than £500, to be shared between successful applicants, not necessarily in equal amounts.


Recent Joan du Plat Taylor Awards:

Brian Minehane: In situ preservation or raise for conservation: The future of the Elizabeth Austin
Roderick Stead: Dating of the Butuan Boat Site, Mindanao, Philippines.

Thomas Spearing and Sam Peel - 3D Surveys at the Purton Ships’ graveyard

Simon Draper and Robert White - Xylophagou Anchorage Project, Cyprus
Michael Stratigos - New Approaches in Crannog Archaeology: Loch Davan and Loch Tay

Duncan Harwood - An investigation into corrosion on the Holland 5 submarine
Friends of Purton - Detailed geophysical survey of an intermediately section of Purton ships graveyard