We strive to involve everyone in our mission to Preserve, Record and Research all forms of nautical heritage whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards. 

Since 1986 we have delivered our mission through three core areas of activity:


It is our belief that everyone can benefit from the unique and fascinating resource that is the world’s maritime heritage. We believe that when someone is given the opportunity to learn about their heritage and help to research and record it, they come to understand it. When they understand it, they begin to value it, and when they value heritage, they become the best advocates for further research and protection. Find out more about our Education Programme here.



We were fundamentally established 'to further research in nautical archaeology and publish the results'. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, quality, fit for purpose research into all aspects of maritime archaeology. Whether investigating standards, competency or training in maritime archaeology, or individual archaeological sites, the NAS is committed to sound, equitable, evidence-based research for the advancement of the discipline. Find out more about our Research here.



The NAS began in 1964 as the Council for Nautical Archaeology (CNA) which had a remit to "act as a channel of communication between divers and the appropriate learned bodies to share discoveries within the field of marine archaeology".

Today, communication to all, remains a key component of how we raise awareness, knowledge and support. Find out more about our Publications here.


NAS is a UK based charity (Registered in England No. 1039270 English Registered Charity No: 262209 and Scotland No: SC040130) and a limited company (registered in England No: 1039270). We also have strong links to other organisations around the world which work together collectively to promote the cause on a global scale. Find out more about our International Partners here.