Our Advocacy Work

The NAS provides support to a variety of organisations and causes that are aligned to the charitable objectives of the Society. This includes acting as the secretariat for the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee as well as providing advice to campaign groups and teams engaged with nautical archaeological investigations.

The NAS is currently supporting:

The Goodwin Sands SOS Campaign Group who are trying to prevent the destruction of the Goodwin Sands, Kent from aggregate extraction. Sign their petition here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/goodwin-sands-sos-stop-the-dredge


The London Shipwreck Trust who are trying to protect and preserve the wreck of the London in the Thames Estuary.


The Nautical Museums Trust to research and protect the wrecks of the Thomas Lawrence and The Anne, off the Sussex coast.


The NAS provides the secretariat for the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy CommitteeThe JNAPC was formed in 1988 from individuals and representatives of institutions who wished to raise awareness of Britain's underwater cultural heritage and to persuade government that underwater sites of historic importance should receive no less protection than those on land.