East India Company Incidents

The object of this research by NAS Fellow, Ed Cumming, has been to identify and, if possible, to give extra detail to total loss incidents incurred by the major ships of the English (later British) East India Company, 1600 to 1834. Discover more here... Read more

Local Economic Benefit of a Protected Wreck

In 2012 the NAS was commissioned by English Heritage to undertake a study looking at the value of a protected wreck to a local economy. This study, which was published in 2013, looked at the visitor diver trail on the protected wreck of the Coronation in Plymouth Sound in Devon which has proved to be very successful in attracting a large number of visiting divers every year since its inception. Discover more here.... Read more

Benchmarking Competence Requirements

The Benchmarking Competence Requirements study published in 2009 looked at what makes someone a competent maritime archaeologist and made recommendations for how to make competency of skills the key for future participation in maritime archaeology in the UK. Discover more here...... Read more

Members Research Group

During the winter months a group of NAS members gather at The National Archives to garner information about varied projects.  Some work on their own projects, others photograph documents for NAS members who cannot get to London easily.  Discover more here. Read more

Waifs of the Sea

NAS member and fellow, Ed Cumming (MIBEC Publications) has created an invaluable "Index of Identifiable Wreckage from Shipwreck, and Losses from Vessels, recorded in the British Press in the 19th Century". You can freely search the entire index of 350 pages. Discover more here... Read more