Help us to Save the London

Please help us raise funds to support the work of The London Shipwreck Trust to advance, promote and provide for the preservation of the London shipwreck and its artefacts for the public benefit and to protect it for future generations. 

The wreckage of this fantastic 2nd rate ship of the line, a Naval Flagship, part of the fleet which brought Charles 2nd back to the Throne in the 17th century, lies beneath the Thames. Located not far from Southend pier, a small team of experienced local divers brave the dark and treacherous waters to recover artefacts for public display.

The Trust has received in kind support from the NAS and MAST/Bournemouth University and Southend Museums to help with the transportation, conservation and curation of small artefacts in 2019, but the diving team receives no public funding, no grants from Historic England, DCMS or any other body to cover their costs of saving our maritime heritage from the eroding seabed. They personally cover these costs from their own pockets.

The NAS believes this is wrong and that if society really values it past it should help contribute to the costs of saving it, before it is too late.

Donate by Text Message

Donations can be made on the website or via text message - to donate by phone, just text SAVETHELONDON 10 to 70085 to donate £10.00 or maybe if you would like to, even text SAVETHELONDON 20 to donate £20.00. Standard message rates apply.

60% of money raised will go to supporting the costs of the diving team from the London Shipwreck Trust. 40% of the money raised will be used by the Nautical Archaeology Society to support ongoing fundraising and sponsorship efforts to Save The London.

The dive team from the London Shipwreck Trust diving the protected wreck in the Thames Estuary 

Some of the artefacts that have come out of the site