Dr David Blackman – NAS Vice President

David was a founding member of the Council for Nautical Archaeology, the predecessor of the NAS, in 1964, and its Chairman from 1975/6. He organised the first international conference in Britain on marine archaeology in 1971 and then spent 20 years at the European Parliament, before going to Athens to direct the British School of Archaeology. He now lives in Oxford,  recently co-authored a book on Ancient Shipsheds, and continues his research into ancient harbours.

Dr Lucy Blue – NAS Vice President

Lucy is a former chair of NAS and is senior lecturer in archaeology at the University of Southampton, and Maritime Archaeological Director of the Honor Frost Foundation. Her focus of research is maritime ethnography and Capacity building with respect to maritime heritage. She primarily works in the Arab world, the eastern Mediterranean and the western Indian Ocean. Lucy has been a member of NAS since 1984 and is an active member of the Society's publication sub-committee.

Chris Dobbs – NAS Vice President

Chris has been heavily involved with the NAS ever since attending the first meeting of the NAS Steering Committee in 1980. He was an archaeological Supervisor on the Mary Rose during the excavations from 1979 to 1982. He lectures on maritime archaeology and museology at a number of universities in the UK as well as internationally.

Nic Flemming – NAS Vice President

Nic coordinates multi-national projects to examine an approach to the prehistoric archaeology of the European continental shelf as a whole. He started surveying submerged classical Roman and Greek harbours and towns in the Mediterranean in 1958, and has been working on increasingly older submerged sites ever since.

Bob Yorke – NAS Vice President

Bob was one of the founder members of the Society undertaking the conversion of the Nautical Archaeology Trust into the NAS, and was then its treasurer, then Chairman from 1987 to 1991. He was one of the founders of the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee in 1988 of which he has been chairman since 1995.

Dr Stella Demesticha – NAS Vice President

Stella is an Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. She specializes in maritime archaeology, with a focus on shipwrecks, maritime transport containers, ancient seaborne trade routes and economy in the eastern Mediterranean. In 2011 she created the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab) at the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, through which she conducts her fieldwork. She currently directs two ongoing underwater excavation projects at the Mazotos and the Nissia Shipwreck sites.