Since 2012, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (ICUA) has been recognised as an International Training Partner, organising NAS training courses in the Republic of Croatia.

ICUA is registered as a state institution and established as UNESCO category II centre. The main goals of ICUA are to organise underwater training courses for national and international experts, develop international cooperation in regards to scientific research of underwater archaeological sites, organise international conferences, seminars and workshops and improve scientific and expert research of underwater archaeological sites.

Since 2012. Mladen Pešić as Senior Tutor and Luka Bekić as Tutor, have conducted NAS courses every year. Roko Surić was accepted as second Tutor and involved in training courses since 2017. ICUA provides students with NAS Introduction, Part I and several modules of NAS Part III courses, but also provides students possibilities to be a part of underwater survey and excavation projects in order to gain experience for the NAS Part II report.

All information regarding courses and ICUA in general are provided on their web page

NAS tutors below (left to right) Roko, Luka and Mladen