Charity Annual Overview

Our 2017-18 officers reports and annual accounts can be found here.

Download 2017-18 Officers Reports

Download 2017-18 Annual Accounts

Download the 2017 AGM Minutes

The UK Charity Commission maintain a register of charities that holds details of organisations that have been recognised as charitable in law; and

  • hold most of their assets in England and/or Wales, or
  • have all or the majority of their trustees normally resident in England and/or Wales, or
  • are companies incorporated in England or Wales.

You can search for Nautical Archaeology Society on the Charity Commission website Charity Commission.

Or click NAS Charity Commission overview to see our recent submissions.

Company Annual Reports

The NAS is a Limited Company and reports annually to Companies House. Details of annual returns can be found online Companies House by searching for Nautical Archaeology Society or an overview can be found Companies House overview.