Maritime archaeologist, long-term NAS supporter and now co-chair of the ODHN Organising Committee, Antony Firth reports on this new initiative that’s getting ready for ten years of important heritage activities across the globe.

A new international network has been set up to boost the role of heritage within the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030.

The #OceanDecade, as it is known, is currently in its planning phase. The Ocean Decade Heritage Network – ODHN – is seeking to ensure that the #OceanDecade fully recognises the connections between cultural heritage, marine science and sustainable development. ODHN will also provide a focus for building these connections into international, regional and national marine science programmes during the implementation phase. By 2030 we hope to see much closer integration of cultural heritage, marine science and sustainable development, and for the marine historic environment to benefit – and be recognised for its own benefits – as a result.

ODHN can be found online and is free to join at News about cultural heritage and #OceanDecade is on Twitter at @DecadeHeritage. The background to #OceanDecade and the aspirations of ODHN have also been set out in an Open Access article here.

ODHN intends to be a fully global network, working alongside and between existing NGOs and institutions to facilitate engagement between the cultural heritage community and this major UN programme. If you have interests that include topics such as marine archaeology, maritime history or coastal heritage – and their relationship to science and sustainable development – then please get involved!