On the 14th-15th May 2022 NAS Trustee and supporter, Alex Denny challenged himself to climb the three highest peaks in the UK in only 24 hours. In what is an incredible challenge he actually managed it in 22hours and 50mins !!

Thanks to Alex's many supporters he was able to raise a whopping £2082.60 before Gift Aid.

If you would like to raise money for one of our Campaigns or just for the NAS please contact us on [email protected]

I am raising money for the Save The London Campaign, helping the Nautical Archaeology Society to raise £200,000 per year to support the crucial recovery and conservation of many of the historical artefacts and remains from the protected wreck in the Thames Estuary. 

Since I was a small boy I have had twin passions, for history and the sea. The discovery, conservation and research into our underwater, shipwreck heritage still fills me with wonder. The London represents a rare specimen which, if properly funded, could be recovered, studied and displayed as stand-alone exhibition, much like the Mary Rose – but only if enough people are able to learn about this historic wreck.

Currently, whilst there is conservation support for recovered finds, the project diving team receives no public funding to cover the costs of saving our maritime heritage from the eroding seabed. Money raised by the Save the London Campaign helps to cover as much of these costs as possible.

I am undertaking this challenge with two goals. To raise money for the Save the London Campaign, and to raise awareness of this incredible shipwreck, which lies just out-of-sight off our shores.

  • £10.00 will pay for a set of storage containers to transport and keep artefacts wet once they have been recovered from the sea.

  • £20.00 will pay for two divers’ air for a working dive on the site.

  • £50.00 pays for the cost of running the team’s dive boat for a trip to the site and back.

  • £100.00 pays for the transport of finds from the site to a conservation facility.

Thank you so much for your support. You can follow my efforts on my Twitter feed here.

Alex Denny