Good2Go Boating Board Game

A nautical board game promoting safety and educating the boating fraternity on the regulations and safe practice on the water in the UK

Based on RYA syllabuses the game is a fun way to educate your friends and crew in water borne safety along with the rules & regulations associated with boating.

Produced and manufactured in the UK

Designed and invented by a Yachtmaster instructor/ commercial skipper. and an RYA powerboat instructor.

The game is designed as a learning/educational game which stimulates discussion and interaction between the players, hence our strap line:  Learn as you play the Good2go way.

The basic idea is to answer a series of questions on cards based on RYA syllabuses (if you don't know the answer you can find them all on the internet or in relevant books),  which will enable players to move their boat on a voyage around the board back to the marina from which it came. We have a number of penalty cards which can hamper their voyage such as  “you have forgotten  to put your kill cord on”  go back 3 spaces or forgot to read the tide timetable and have gone aground, go back 2 spaces etc.

There are no dice involved; the rules are on a single side of A4 sheet, very well presented and easy to understand. The game takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to play, can be played by up to 4 players or teams.

We are sure you will be impressed by the design, playability, fun and quality of our product.


Special Offer: Only £25.00 including postage. For every purchase a donation of £5.00 will be made to the NAS.