A Great and Glorious Victory

A Great and Glorious Victory: New Perspectives on the Battle of Trafalgar 
by Richard Harding (Author, Editor), Jonathon Band (Foreword)

In October 2005 an international naval conference was held at Portsmouth and well-known historians and naval officers from around the world, including Colin White, Brian Lavery, Contre Amiral Remi Monaque and Admiral Sir Jonathan Band, now First Sea Lord, gave a series of papers on aspects of the battle of Trafalgar. Containing a wealth of new information they are now form the core of this book. Twelve chapters cover every aspect of the battle but also explore important associated themes such as the Grand Armee and the invasion threat, and the British defenses against invasion in the years before 1805. On the battle itself there are pieces on the ships, men and the tactics, and important chapters from the French and Spanish perspectives.

Perhaps the most ground-breaking contribution is from the Inshore Squadron, a naval war-gaming group, which produced a timeline that is the most accurate yet available and reveals, amongst other things, the nature of the ship-on-ship actions and the timing of some of the set events. Put into its strategic, political and economic context, the battle is brought to life in a way which distinguishes it from all the other accounts that have appeared and offers enthusiasts and historians the most up-to-date and important reassessment that is available.

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