Reitia ACD is a not-for-profit, independent organization operating in the field of underwater archaeology since 2000.  Our mission is to survey, record and study ancient cultures as well as to train professional and amateur divers, and students in underwater archaeology as well.

From 2000 to 2011 Reitia held underwater survey courses in different locations and sites throughout Italy, in accordance and under the supervision of CMAS. As a peculiar field of specialization of Reitia, it’s worth to mention rivers and lakes underwater surveys.

In 2012, Reitia joined NAS, by so becoming International Training partner in Italy. Duilio Della Libera is the Senior Tutor, while Damairo Brugnera and Enrico Ambrogi are Tutors.

The Reitia Team – six experienced divers - have been carrying out NAS courses usually twice a year from 2012 on at different levels (NAS Introduction, Part I, Part II and some modules of NAS Part III courses). Attendees are students, professionals, educational institutions as well as archaeology enthusiasts interested in knowing more about the matter and possibly improving their diving skills.

News concerning courses can be found at the internet web page www.Reitia.It and Facebook profile