The Underwater Archaeology Team (UAT) is Canada’s designated Federal Authority on underwater archaeology providing specialised services and advice in managing and protecting Canada’s submerged cultural resources to Parks Canada, other government departments and stakeholders nationwide. These services range from conducting inventories, site-specific surveys and excavations, research and evaluations, management plans and the preparation of heritage presentation materials.

Over it’s more than fifty-year history the UAT has become an international leader recognized by its peers around the world for the quality of its fieldwork, research and publications.

There are currently eleven UAT staff members: seven underwater archaeologists, two underwater archaeology technicians, a marine engineer and an archaeological illustrator. Find them on Twitter and Facebook.    

NAS tutor team below: Marc-André Bernier, Brandy Lockhart, Thierry Boyer, Jonathan Moore, Ryan Harris and NAS Senior Tutor and contact Charles Dagneau - [email protected]