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Ilfracombe Harbour 8am Saturday 3rd June and returning 5pm Sunday 4th June


Dive on the luxury steamship turned Confederate gun runner Iona II (22m) and help with the photogrammetry monitoring project on this protected wreck. Then follow this up with a survey of a, as yet, un-investigated metal wreck in 10m of water – SS Salado. And there are bound to be seals wherever you go! SS Salado was a cargo ship that lost its way and ran into Lundy in 1897.

Your on-boat dive guide will be Peta Knott who researched and wrote the Iona II Dive Trail. She will impart her knowledge and experience of the wreck and you can contribute to the ongoing monitoring of this protected site.

Divers will receive a thorough dive and archaeological site briefing before each dive so that they will know what to look out for and will have an understanding of the underwater sites and their place in history and how the diver is helping preserve these wrecks.

Not only will you enjoy 4 dives in the Lundy Marine Protected area, you’ll also enjoy the experience of camping on Lundy Island – luxury shared tents will be provided. The camp area included shared bathroom facilities with hot showers. Air fills are available on the island.

Divers who are interested in 'Diving for a Purpose' will enjoy this day out. NAS has run Protected Wreck Days on Holland 5 submarine and Normans’ Bay wreck out of Eastbourne and A1 submarine and HMS Invincible out of Portsmouth for many years. We’re happy to be adding a new wreck to our repertoire to offer divers new experiences. It will also be the perfect opportunity for divers to practicing their underwater survey skills.

Includes boat charter for two days, four dives, hot drinks, expert archaeological guides and explanation of the sites and camping accommodation on Lundy on Saturday night. 

NAS member £350

Non-member £400 (NAS membership starts at £20, so you're better off becoming a member and getting the discount rate immediately!)

Air fills are provided on the island. Costs are here. https://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/lundyisland/discovering-lundy/activities/diving/dive-facilities/air-fills/

Dinner at the island tavern ranges from £5 to £25 and the menu is seasonal. Breakfast can also be purchased at the tavern and is £3.50 for porridge to £10 for a full English.

Please note that minimum dive qualifications apply. Divers need to be at least BSAC Sport Diver or PADI Rescue Diver with recently logged dives in the 20-25 meter range. 

Divers must bring all their own equipment including DSMB and torch and their own gas supply for both dives. Air fills are available on the island.

The dive vessel will be Barbara B a hard boat cat with dive lift, toilet, diver benches and unlimited hot drinks.https://www.lundydiving.co.uk/the-boats/ It will leave from Ilfracombe harbour.

Loading time from Ilfracombe approximately 8am Saturday
Return time approximately 5pm Sunday

You will have time to explore Lundy Island on Saturday afternoon/evening.

On Lundy, shared tents (that are big enough to stand up in!) will be provided along with shared bathroom facilities with hot showers.

Please bring your own snacks and lunch to keep you going throughout the day. Hot drinks and biscuits will be provided as well as extra water if needed. Dinner at the island tavern ranges from £5 to £25 and the menu is seasonal. Breakfast can also be purchased at the tavern and is £3.50 for porridge to £10 for a full English.

In the days leading up to the expedition, the organisers and boat skipper will keep an eye on the weather and let you know of any cancellations or amendment to the plans. Any cancelled days will be rescheduled.

Five credits/day will be awarded to NAS members to go towards their NAS Certificate or Award.

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Applications for a refund within the four weeks prior to  the course or event must be submitted in writing (electronic submission is acceptable) and such evidence as the NAS may reasonably require must be provided to support the application.